Scientific Review Board

Members from two different advisory groups, the Scientific Review Board and the Business Review Board, review all grant applications submitted to the ADDF. The Scientific Review Board is composed of over 150 scientists who encompass various areas of expertise within Alzheimer’s research.

  • Joseph A. Helpern, PhD
    Medical University of South Carolina

  • Jim Hendrix, PhD
    Alzheimer's Association

  • David Holtzman, MD
    Washington University School of Medicine

  • Orest Hurko, MD
    Biologics Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Keith Hyland, PhD
    Medical Neurogenetics

  • Michael Jackson, PhD
    Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

  • Carl Johnson, PhD
    Hereditary Disease Foundation

  • Corinne Jolivalt, PhD
    University of Southern California, San Diego

  • Graham Jones, PhD
    Northeastern University

  • Peter F. Kador, PhD
    University of Nebraska Medical Center

  • Andrew Kertesz, MD
    University of Western Ontario

  • Tae-Wan Kim, PhD
    Columbia University Medical Center

  • Alexander Kiselyov, PhD
    ChemDiv, Inc.

  • David Knopman, MD
    Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • Sam Kongsamut, PhD
    Rudder Serendip LLC