Biotechnology Applications

ADDF helps to create new biotechnology companies, and to fund early stage biotechnology companies, with programs dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease drug discovery. Funding is provided through program-related investments (PRIs) that require return on investment based upon scientific and/or business milestones. When these milestones are met, funds return to the ADDF to increase our ability to support more research. Terms of PRIs may vary. Please read the ADDF’s PRI Policy Statement here.

•ADDF Biotechnology Development Program supports qualified scientific projects in existing, private, early-stage biotechnology companies. ADDF will provide support for qualified projects in more advanced companies if a clear need for non-profit funding to support the project within the company can be demonstrated and justified. All funds must be used for scientific program purposes, and cannot be used as unrestricted funding to the company.

•ADDF Biotechnology Founders Technology Transfer Program supports academic programs that are eligible for technology transfer and the startup of new biotechnology companies with programs dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. Up to 35% of funds from these awards may be employed for expenses related to company formation, such as administrative, legal, patent and third-party vendor costs.


Forms to be used when submitting complete application:

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