Alzheimer’s Clinical Trials Report 2017


Closing in on a Cure: 2017 Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Report surveys the 126 drugs in clinical development for Alzheimer’s disease—20% of which received support from the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF). The report focuses on potential disease-modifying drugs, which are designed to slow, stop, or possibly even reverse the course of Alzheimer's. Because clinical trials are the final stages of a drug’s development, some of the drugs listed in the report could be available to patients in just a few years.



126 Alzheimer's Treatments in Clinical Stages for Neuroprotection, Misfolded Proteins, Inflammation, Genetics & Epigenetics, Synaptic Activity & Neurotransmitters, Mitochondria & Metabolic Function, Vascular
Trial Phases, Types of Therapy, Paths to Clinic
Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3
The ADDF has funded 20% of these clinical trials
ADDF-funded drugs in clinical trials