The ADDF is considering financial assistance for relevant NIA and NINDS grant applications that were scored but not funded AND fall within the ADDF's current funding priorities.

The ADDF will accept eligible applications on a rolling basis and will provide an expedited review, minimizing time and effort on the part of the investigator(s). To expedite the application process, eligible investigators may submit their NIA or NINDS applications and a copy of the study section review directly to the ADDF. In addition, NIA and NINDS staff will identify eligible investigators whose applications in response to the below-listed FOAs were scored but unfunded, and will notify them of this opportunity thrice yearly in conjunction with Institute funding decisions. The ADDF will attempt to support parts or all of applications that fall within the foundation's mission and funding priorities.

Receiving interim funding by the ADDF will enable investigators to continue valuable research projects and obtain additional preliminary data to aid in future funding efforts.



Average Duration: 1-2 years
Average Award: Varies

Application Submission Guidelines

To start an application, email with a brief summary of your project.



For ADDF program-related inquiries, please contact:
Lauren Friedman, PhD, Acting Director, Scientific Affairs
Phone: 212.901.8017

For ADDF submission inquiries, please contact:
Grants and Contracts Team
Phone: 212.901.8019

For NIA program-related inquiries, please contact:
Suzana Petanceska, PhD, Program Director
Division of Neuroscience National Institute on Aging
Phone: 301.496.9350

For NINDS program-related inquiries, please contact:
Roderick A. Corriveau, PhD Program, Director
Neurodegeneration National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Phone: 301.496.5680


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