The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation supports promising, diverse international research projects to develop new drugs for Alzheimer's and related dementias, including vascular, Lewy body, and frontotemporal dementias.

Our goal is to fill the critical translational funding gap that exists between basic research and later-stage drug development. We fund three categories of research:

  1. Drug discovery and preclinical development, including high throughput screening, medicinal chemistry, lead optimization, in vivo efficacy, safety and toxicology, formulation of the drug, and scale-up
  2. Clinical trials
  3. Early detection, such as biomarkers and neuroimaging

The ADDF is interested in novel targets and therapeutic approaches for Alzheimer's disease and related dementia, and we are open to small molecule, biologic, and gene therapy approaches. Because the underlying mechanisms of Alzheimer's are complex, we maintain a diverse portfolio of drug targets. We invite you to explore our portfolio to learn more about funded projects. Our current RFPs and deadlines are available on the Funding Opportunities page.

Our Current Portfolio by Drug Targets and Examples of Each


• Inflammatory pathways


• Protein degradation/autophagy
• Ischemia and oxidative stress
• Synaptic function/morphology
• Calcium regulation
• Tau-related toxicity

Neuronal Energy Failure

• Energy utilization and mitochondria function
• Insulin sensitivity

APOE & Vascular

• ApoE function and cholesterol metabolism
• Vascular injury

Neuroimaging & Biomarkers

• Translatable biomarkers
• Blood or spinal fluid tests


• Cognitive enhancers
• Myelin changes
• Blood-brain barrier interface


Please note: The ADDF no longer funds anti-amyloid approaches and has limited interest in funding cholinesterase inhibitor programs.