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A Cautionary Tale and an Ancient Spice

A new study questions the therapeutic claims of curcumin, a component of the spice turmeric.

Danger in the Air

A recent study suggests that living near a major roadway may raise the risk of dementia.

Light Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease?

MIT reported on a new treatment idea for Alzheimer's based on a study that suggested that lights flashing at a certain frequency could reduce beta-amyloid plaques.

U.S. Dementia Rates Fall

Researchers from the University of Michigan recently published the finding that the percentage of people over 65 in the United States with dementia is decreasing.

“Chemo Brain” and Alzheimer’s Risk

The evidence is mixed as to whether a history of chemotherapy makes it more or less likely that the person will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

What APOE Means for Your Health

APOE4 alleles are the greatest genetic risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer's.

More Medications, More Risks

Taking multiple medications simultaneously is a growing problem in older adults. While most help you live longer, healthier lives, taking a lot of them can lead to impaired cognition.

Your Brain is Begging You: Stop Smoking!

Studies have shown that smokers are at higher risk of developing all types of dementia and a much higher risk for specifically Alzheimer's disease.

Gut Check: Are You Getting Enough B12?

A diet rich in vitamin B12 may not be enough if your ability to absorb it is impaired.

Is High Blood Sugar Damaging Your Brain?

Research indicates that effectively managing diabetes is one of the most important things you can do to protect your brain.

Fit Body, Fit Mind

Evidence shows that exercise benefits the brain and can reduce your risk of falls, age-related diseases, and even death.

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