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Loneliness and the Risk of Dementia

Loneliness is the perception that our social and emotional relationships are not as strong as our actual relationships. Some research suggests it may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. READ MORE

Which Diets are Best for Cognitive Health?

A study explored how the APDQS diet, the DASH diet, and the Mediterranean diet affected cognitive functions.

Cognitive and Physical Activity Reduce Your Risk for Dementia

Research suggests cognitive activities such as reading or needlework, with physical activity in mid-life may reduce your dementia risk.

Does Music Benefit the Brain?

Recent studies suggest that music may improve cognitive function and promote healthy aging.

Watch Out for Brain Health Pseudomedicine

A recent article highlights the troubling increase in "pseudomedicine" that claim to benefit brain health.

Sleep and Alzheimer’s Disease: More Evidence on Their Relationship

Two studies suggest that poor sleep may be associated with increased tau in cognitively healthy individuals.

The DASH Diet with Exercise Improved Cognitive Functions in Older Adults

The ENLIGHTEN trial studied the effects of exercise, the DASH diet, and a combined exercise and diet intervention.

Does Stress Worsen Cognitive Functions?

Higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol are associated with worse memory and smaller brain volumes.

Is There a Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and the Flu Shot?

An exploration of the scientific evidence disproves the myth that flu shots increase the risk for Alzheimer's.

Does Obesity Increase Dementia Risk?

A recent study suggests there is a connection between belly size and dementia risk.

Does APOE4 Impact the Effectiveness of Alzheimer’s Prevention Strategies?

What does it mean for Alzheimer's prevention strategies such as diet and supplements if you have APOE4?

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