12th Annual
Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference

12th Annual Drug Discovery for Neurodegeneration Conference

February 4-6, 2018


The Ritz-Carlton,
Pentagon City
1250 South Hayes Street
Arlington, VA

An Educational Course on Translating Research into Drugs

Designed as a comprehensive course, this didactic conference educates scientists on the processes of translating basic research into novel therapies and leaves participants with a strong knowledge base and relevant resources to address the associated barriers and challenges in developing a drug. The programs also highlight case studies of small molecule and biologics programs at different stages of development aimed at tackling challenging CNS targets relevant to neurodegeneration. The program includes sessions for networking, partnering/mentoring, and posters presented by young investigators.


William Banks, University of Washington
Kurt Brunden, University of Pennsylvania
Marcie Glicksman, Orig3n, Inc.
Mark Gurney, Tetra Discovery Partners
Daniel Javitt, Columbia University Medical Center
Frank Longo, Stanford University, PharmatrophiX
Kenneth Marek, The Institute for Neurodegenerative Disorders
Leslie Meyer-Leon, IP Legal Strategies Group PC
Richard Mohs, Global Alzheimer's Platform
Len Petrucelli, Mayo Clinic
Rana Quraishi, University of Maryland Ventures
Lorenzo Refolo, National Institute on Aging
Amy Ripka, Lucy Therapeutics
Sharon Rosenzweig-Lipson, AgeneBio
Tarek Samad, Pfizer
Barbara Slusher, Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery Center
Edward Spack, Vector BioSolutions
Claire Steppan, Pfizer
Amir Tamiz, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
D. Martin Watterson, Northwestern University
Caroline Zeiss, Yale University

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