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Dr. Howard Fillit with Krista L. Lanctôt, PhD, Dawn Matthews, MS, MBA and Ana C. Pereira, MD

ADDF Impact

Hope of the Horizon: Repurposing Drugs for Alzheimer’s

ADDF’s Annual “Hope on the Horizon” Symposium featured a panel of highly esteemed scientists dedicated to Alzheimer’s research.

Research Panel

ADDF Impact

Award-Winning Scientists Weigh in on New Directions in Alzheimer’s Drug Research

Research panel featuring recipients of the Goodes Prize weigh in on new directions in Alzheimer’s research.

LATE, a new type of dementia

Understanding Dementia

LATE: A New Term for Another Type of Dementia

Researchers have identified a new form of dementia — LATE — that usually affects the oldest old individuals.


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On April 9, the ADDF celebrated its second annual Memories Matter benefit event at Chelsea Piers, which welcome nearly 600 guests and raised over $1 million for Alzheimer's research.

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