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Pamela J. Newman honored ADDF Hope on the Horizon Luncheon 2019

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Pamela Newman: An Alzheimer’s Journey, From Frustration to Revelation to Hope

By any definition, Pamela J. Newman, Ph.D. and her late husband Henry (Hank) Kates were a power couple. But when Alzheimer’s struck Hank, suddenly the Newman-Kates family felt powerless. Together, they valiantly fought the disease until Hank’s death in 2016 at age 77. For years, Dr. Newman has been an ardent supporter of Alzheimer’s research and ADDF, serving on the Board of Overseers since 2013. In recognition of her dedication, we recently honored Pamela with the Charles Evans Award at the Tenth Annual “Hope on the Horizon” Fall Symposium & Luncheon in New York City.


Developing Drugs

Stepping Forward in Alzheimer’s Disease Research: A Combination Therapy Approach

Chief Medical Officer at Amylyx Pharmaceuticals gives a closer look at how far they have come in their recently expanded phase 2 clinical trial, supported in part by the ADDF, which is studying a combination approach to treating people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Howard Fillit with Krista L. Lanctôt, PhD, Dawn Matthews, MS, MBA and Ana C. Pereira, MD

ADDF Impact

Hope of the Horizon: Repurposing Drugs for Alzheimer’s

ADDF’s Annual “Hope on the Horizon” Symposium featured a panel of highly esteemed scientists dedicated to Alzheimer’s research.

Research Panel

ADDF Impact

Award-Winning Scientists Weigh in on New Directions in Alzheimer’s Drug Research

Research panel featuring recipients of the Goodes Prize weigh in on new directions in Alzheimer’s research.

LATE, a new type of dementia

Understanding Dementia

LATE: A New Term for Another Type of Dementia

Researchers have identified a new form of dementia — LATE — that usually affects the oldest old individuals.

PET scan

ADDF Impact

PET Scans Improve Management of Patients with Dementia

A national study has found that PET scans significantly influenced clinical management of patients with dementia.