Clinical Trials Report



The 2018 Alzheimer's Clinical Trials Report surveys the landscape of clinical trials for Alzheimer's. The data in this report focus on 102 potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease in clinical development. We also highlight an additional 15 drugs that address behavioral symptoms and 14 drugs designed to prevent disease onset. The report also includes an analysis of the current state of the field, and looks ahead at the potential shifts and breakthroughs that can pave the way for a cure.

This report is an annual publication initiated in 2017. View the 2017 Report.



102 Drugs Being Tested to Treat Alzheimer's
Trial Phases for Neuroprotection, Inflammation, Synaptic Activity, Genetics, Misfolded Proteins, Mitochondria, Vascular, and Unknown
74% of the 102 potential treatments in clinical trials focus on targets other than amyloid and tau