The ADDF has provided a list of resources to support the work of ADDF awardees and other funded scientists.


NOTE - Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand that you may need additional time to submit scientific and/or financial reports. If you need an extension, please email your scientific point person directly. If you do not know your scientific point person, please email

Institutions that receive funding from the ADDF are required to submit progress report materials regularly to discuss their findings, methods, and, when appropriate, future directions. Follow-on funding can be discussed during this process. A new letter of intent must be submitted for follow-on funding proposals.

All awardees are required to notify the ADDF of any changes made to the budget. A no cost extension (NCE) may be allowed but must be approved by the ADDF in advance. To request an NCE, please email, describing the reason for the request.

Additional details on the frequency of reporting and due dates for reporting can be found in agreement materials for each funded project.  Below are the reporting templates.


To Submit

Please use only these forms to submit both interim and final scientific and financial reports. Completed reports should be submitted to

Academic-Industry Partnerships

Apply to programs that provide industry expertise and resources.

ADDF Partner

Harrington Discovery Institute

Other Programs

AstraZeneca's Open Innovation
GSK Discovery Partnerships with Academia
Lilly's Open Innovation Drug Discovery

Online Tools


Search for contract research organization (CROs) specializing in CNS diseases, and find best practice guidelines, publications, and webinars on CNS drug discovery CRO selection and management.

Academic Drug Discovery Consortium

Search for university-led drug discovery centers and training material.

Scientific Publications

Read scientific and opinion papers written by ADDF staff scientists.