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Closing in on a Cure: Dr. Michela Gallagher and AGB101

February 21, 2017

Category: Developing Drugs

Dr. Michela Gallagher


Funding from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation helps the best ideas to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease advance. Today, more than 20% of all treatments for Alzheimer’s currently in clinical trials received critical support from us. AGB101, a drug being developed by Dr. Michela Gallagher and Agenebio, has made it the furthest of any program in our portfolio.

Dr. Gallagher, who is also a professor at Johns Hopkins University, is preparing for a phase 3 trial of AGB101. The drug targets brain hyperactivity, which is involved in memory loss. Reducing this hyperactivity with AGB101 appears to restore memory. The upcoming trial will test the drug in patients with mild cognitive impairment, a pre-dementia condition in which memory is worse than expected for a person’s age. Because the drug is given at this early stage, it could potentially slow progression of mild cognitive impairment enough that it never progresses to Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Gallagher is hopeful that, if results from the phase 3 trial are positive, AGB101 will be available to patients soon after.

This drug was developed with support from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, which began in 2010. “I don’t know how we would have gotten started at AgeneBio without the ADDF,” Dr. Gallagher says. “It was the bridge to a program that is still doing very well, and we’re tremendously grateful to the Foundation for its continued support.”

When you make a donation to the ADDF, 100% of your contribution funds drug discovery research for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.