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Donor Spotlight: Joyce Cowin

March 7, 2017

Category: Supporter Stories

Joyce Cowin


When I first found the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation I was happy to give them my support. It was clear to me that they were filling a vital gap in the fight against Alzheimer’s and that their approach was as innovative as it was exciting. I thought that their ultimate success, however, would not happen until much further into the future.

Some years later as I listened to Mr. Ronald Lauder address an audience of supporters and friends it occurred to me that he had always believed that the ADDF’s success was imminent. His sense of hope was derived from a refusal to accept that Alzheimer’s was an inevitable part of life, and from knowing that this wonderful organization has been rapidly and successfully translating the latest scientific advancements into promising drugs. Most exciting of all, I realized that all their hard work has brought the world closer to a real solution than we’ve ever been. 

Today, I no longer feel that a decisive victory in this fight lies in the distant future. I believe that it is inevitable and on the horizon. And because that day cannot come too soon, I have exponentially increased my support to help ensure the ADDF can get us there. I encourage you to do the same.