Tenth Annual
Great Ladies Luncheon

POSTPONED: Tenth Annual Great Ladies Luncheon


We are grateful for the outpouring support for the 10th Annual Great Ladies Luncheon, which was scheduled for Wednesday, April 29th. In light of recent government directives surrounding the COVID-19 and our main concern to keep everyone safe, we are postponing this event. We will follow up in the coming weeks with more information.

The Great Ladies Luncheon and Symposium has informed and educated us about the path to a cure over the years. From First Lady Nancy Reagan in 2011 to Coach Pat Summitt, Sharon Percy Rockefeller, Meryl Comer and Washington Capitals star TJ Oshie in 2019, our luncheon honorees have helped to put a face on Alzheimer’s with their advocacy.

We are pleased to announce that we will honor Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and her family, and Thomas Pheasant, all of whom have been strong advocates for ADDF for many years.

All proceeds from the Great Ladies Luncheon support the ADDF's mission to accelerate the discovery and development of drugs to prevent, treat, and cure Alzheimer's and related diseases.
For information, contact rsvp@alzdiscovery.org or 212-901-7990.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020



The Ritz-Carlton
1150 22nd Street NW
Washington DC


Elise and Marc Lefkowitz
Leonard A. Lauder
Ronald S. Lauder

Andrea Mitchell
T.J. Oshie


Amy Baier
Lynn Blitzer
Kristin Rae Cecchi
Dana Landow
Kelly Ripken
Lorraine Wallace


Shelley Banks
Faith Bobrow
Marcella Cohen
Nancy Goodes
Dena Henry
Katy Kamen
Thomas Pheasant
Patricia Bennett Sagon

Marc D. Lefkowitz

Jeffrery Ashin
Leonard Banner
Wolf Blitzer
Philip Bobrow, MD
Davis Camalier
John Cecchi
Shane Crowley
David Deckelbaum
Marc Duber
Amb. Paul D. Frazer
Brian Friedman
Jim Glassman
Israel Kogan
Michael Landow
Matthew Lefkowitz
Mark D. Lerner
Adam Mahr
Bennett R. Marshall
John J. Mason
Alan Meltzer
William Miller
Hon. Edward A. Powell
Tony Powell
Bruce Rashbaum
Bruce Robinson
Joel Rosenberg
Sonny Small
Andre Spearman
Fabio Trabocchii

Lise Adkins
Lauren Mason Ali
Tina S. Alster, MD
Lisa B. Beek
Grace Bender
Tracy Bernstein
Wilma Bernstein
Admiral Susan Blumenthal, MD
Evelyn T. Brandt
Jill Brigati
Nancy Taylor Bubes
Lynda Camalier
Connie Carter
Lynda Carter
Sharon Collins Casey
Rose Cohen
Meryl Comer
Lizette Corro
Charlie Lefkowitz Crowley
Alexandra de Borchgrave
Debbie Dingell
Martha Dippell
Amy Donnelly
Nancy Duber
Liz Dubin
Deborah L. Epstein
Ann Free
Debra Friedmann
Elizabeth W. Galvin
Beth Glassman
Sarah G. Gund
Ann Hand
Raeanne Hytone
Cindy Jones
Mary Ann Kibarian
Diana Kogan
Alexa Lefkowitz
Willee Lewis
Kristin Lund
Marlene A. Malek
Pam Marquez
Dobra Marshall
JoAnn Mason
Lisa Mathers
Barbara McInerney
Elaine Miller
Laurie Monahan
Melanie Nussdorf
Julie Opperman
Mary Ourisman
Paige Paravano
Ginger Pickle
Susan Porter
Diane Powell
Jaclyn Mason Randall
Genevieve McSweeney Ryan
Paula Robinson
Stacy Samet
Marilou Sanford
Edith Schaeffer
Aniko Gael Schott
Eileen Shields-West
Deborah Sigmund
Bobbi Smith
Bonnie Staffier
Nikola Theo
Mariella Trager
Liz Underhill
Cynthia Steele Vance
Toni Verstandig
Becky Voslow
Anne Hatfield Weir
Dr. Tina B. West
Cathy Merrill Williams
Delores Wolf