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$7.1 Million in New Funding Illustrates the ADDF's Strong Support of a Diverse Pipeline

The ADDF announces $7.1 million in new investments, which reflect our strategy to advance drug discovery and clinical trials, including the development of biomarkers and prevention methods.


Gene Therapy, A New Frontier in Alzheimer's

Dr. Ron Crystal and his team at Weill Cornell developed a gene therapy to replace APOE4 with APOE2, which would significantly lower Alzheimer's risk.


New Drug Targets Are Highlight of Alzheimer's Conference

Presenters at our recent conference shared exciting progress on new Alzheimer's drug targets and biomarkers. 


Drugs to "Fix" the APOE4 Gene May Be Safe

New research reveals that a person without the APOE gene—which influences Alzheimer’s risk—can function normally, paving the way for gene therapies.