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18th Annual Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Showcases Non-Amyloid Research

Nearly 200 academic and industry researchers came together to share updates on innovative preclinical and clinical-stage Alzheimer’s disease research at the 18th Annual Conference on Alzheimer's Drug Discovery.


Contact Sports & CTE: Are the Risks Too High?

A new study reveals a high percentage of former football players died with CTE, including 99% of NFL players tested.


Experimental Imaging Agent Reveals Concussion-Linked Brain Disease in Living Brain

Protein tracer shows distinctive pattern of brain protein deposition specific to this disease and typically confirmed after death


Ten New Grants Support Alzheimer's Drug Discovery and Biomarker Development

The ADDF has awarded 10 new grants to researchers developing drugs for neurodegenerative diseases and biomarkers to detect their onset and progression.


Medicare Panel's Failure to Recommend Payment for New Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Brain Imaging...

Howard Fillit, MD and George Vradenburg of USAgainstAlzheimer's issued a joint statement, responding to MEDCAC's opinion to not support Medicare reimbursement for PET amyloid imaging scans.


ADDF's Seed Funding Leads to FDA Approval of Amyvid™, First Diagnostic Test for Alzheimer's Disease

The FDA has approved Amyvid™, the first diagnostic test for Alzheimer's disease, for which the ADDF provided critical seed funding.