Before Getting Started

Step 1

Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) through the ADDF Funding Portal.

  • Fill in general project details, including but not limited to:
    • Organization and Principal Investigator Information
      (You must put your name in this section before saving or you will lose access to your draft.)
    • Project Title
    • Total Amount Requested (USD)
    • Project Start Date, Duration (Months)
    • Type of Peripheral Biomarker Project (Exploratory, Proof-of-Principle or Validation project)
    • Primary Research Topics
    • Type of Biofluid or Tissue
    • Primary Disease Indication
    • Required for resubmissions: you will be asked to attach a written point-by-point response to each of the reviewers' comments and upload as "Applicant Response to Reviewers."
  • Complete more in-depth project details as follows:
    • Description of the Proposed Context of Use (100 words maximum)
    • Scientific Background and Novelty (300 words maximum)
    • Specific Aims (300 words maximum)
    • Sourcing of Samples (300 words maximum)
    • Summary of Key Supporting Data (300 words maximum)

After your LOI is submitted, it will be reviewed to evaluate whether the proposed project is consistent with the ADDF's mission and funding priorities for this RFP. Only invited full proposals will be accepted.

Step 2

If invited, submit a full proposal through the ADDF Funding Portal following the full proposal submission instructions.

Information you submitted with your LOI will carry over to the full proposal. This information can be edited or expanded upon at this stage.




If you have any questions about the online application system or process, please contact the Grants and Mission-Related Investments Team at