Before Getting Started

  • Review the RFP.
  • If you are new to the ADDF Funding Portal, it is highly recommended that you register for an account to begin the application process well in advance of any deadlines. Please note, new applicants should allow 1-2 business days for registration. Otherwise, if you already have an account, you may log in with your existing account information. 
  • Read the Application and Funding Policies.
  • For the full proposal stage in Step 2, review Body of the Application instructions for full proposal requirements.

Step 1

Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) through the ADDF Funding Portal.

  1. Fill in contact and project information (e.g. title, duration, amount requested).
  2. Include project details as follows:
    • Description of the Proposed Context (100 words maximum)
    • Scientific Rationale and Background (300 words maximum)
    • Specific Aims (300 words maximum)
    • Cohort Description (300 words maximum)
    • Summary of Key Supporting Data (300 words maximum)

After your LOI is submitted, it will be reviewed to evaluate whether the proposed project is consistent with the mission and funding priorities of the Diagnostics Accelerator. Only invited full proposals will be accepted.

Step 2

If invited, submit a full proposal through the ADDF Funding Portal.

Information you submitted with your LOI will carry over to the full proposal. This information can be edited or expanded upon at this stage.

In addition to these auto-filled sections, you will be asked to write an Executive Lay Summary (300 words maximum) and a Biographical Summary for the Principal Investigator (300 words maximum). The remainder of the application is as follows below.

  1. Body of the Application: Review the instructions for the required sections and forms for the Body of the Application. Compile the four sections below into a single PDF and upload as "Body of the Application."
  2. Business Packet (REQUIRED for all biotech companies): In the event that these materials are not available, please provide justification. Compile into a single PDF and upload as "Business Packet."
    • Statement of Need
    • Business Plan or Corporate Strategy – include company description and history, mission statement, market analysis, risk analysis, milestones, scientific and financial goals, and future plans
    • Description of Management Structure – include a list of board members
    • Capitalization Table
    • Financial Statements – balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement
    • Company's Current Annual Budget
    • Description of Investors to Date
    • Intellectual Property Summary – note all IP linked to the project, including pending or granted IP, and if you expect to generate new IP; if the patent(s) are openly available online, please include the link(s) in lieu of attaching full files.
  3. Supplemental Materials: All of the following are optional. If not submitting Supplemental Materials, upload a PDF stating "N/A." Otherwise, compile all the materials into a single PDF and upload as "Supplemental Materials." These materials can include:
    • IRB-ready clinical protocols
    • Quotes from vendors or contract research organizations (CROs). Please include competitive quotes from more than one vendor where possible. Visit ADDF ACCESS to work directly with a concierge who can help you obtain competitive quotes from quality vendors.
    • Letters of support/collaboration. If the applicant is not the PI for the study cohort, a letter of support from the PI of the study is required.
    • Figures that cannot be embedded into the body of the application but are directly relevant to the application and may be helpful to the review committee.

Limit the number of additional attachments included in the Supplemental Packet. Unpublished manuscripts relevant to the proposed project may also be included. Publications and patents that are openly available online should be linked in lieu of attaching the full files. Up to 3 published papers will be accepted. Please do not include presentation decks or full patents.




If you have any questions about the online application system or process, please contact the Grants and Mission-Related Investments Team at