Tags: Mild Cognitive Impairment


Prevention: A Key to Conquering Alzheimer's

Dr. Howard Fillit explains the importance of prevention to the ADDF's mission and our current efforts, including clinical trials. 


Closing in on a Cure: Dr. Michela Gallagher and AGB101

Dr. Michela Gallagher of Agenebio is developing AGB101, which can potentially prevent mild cognitive impairment from progressing to Alzheimer's disease.


Early-Stage Dementia Treatment Headed to Phase 3 Clinical Trial

ADDF-funded researchers are preparing for a phase 3 trial of what could become the first drug approved for mild cognitive impairment. 


New Approach to Delay Alzheimer’s Dementia Onset to Be Tested in Phase-3 Clinical Trial

The ADDF announced today a grant to AgeneBio in support of an FDA-registered Phase 3 clinical trial of AGB101, a new therapeutic treatment for amnestic mild cognitive impairment.


Alzheimer’s Versus Normal Cognitive Aging

The widespread misconception that Alzheimer's disease is a typical part of aging has serious ramifications for people's health and research into a cure.